2020 BMW X1 black interior space view of front seats and dashboard

How Much Interior and Cargo Space Does the 2020 BMW X1 Have?

Unlike a lot of other automakers, BMW has been straightforward with the X1 and hasn’t changed its size or class from its inception to its current incarnation. Sure, year by year its size may change by fractions of an inch, but the BMW X1 has been a subcompact crossover SUV from when it launched in the United States 8 years ago until now. Since the whole X line already covers every size class, the X1 has no reason to be anything but a subcompact crossover SUV. Read on for some information on the exterior and interior dimensions of the 2020 BMW X1

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2020 BMW X1 Blue driving down dusty road in mountain valley

What Technology Features Does the 2020 BMW X1 Have?

A BMW crossover wouldn’t be any good if it didn’t have an impressive array of technology inside and out. The smallest crossover BMW makes is the X1, a subcompact that fits plenty of high tech features in it despite its size. For the 2020 BMW X1, this means a sophisticated infotainment system, head-up display, safety technology, and much more. Read on below to learn more about the technology you will find inside the 2020 BMW X1. 

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2020 BMW X5 parked on the road

Does the 2020 BMW X5 Offer Apple CarPlay®?

2020 BMW X5 Interior Technologies and Features 

The 2020 BMW X5 is a vehicle that stands out from the pack by offering a ton of overall innovation and technology systems for you to enjoy. One of these great interior systems is the Apple CarPlay® technology, one that offers integration in many ways! This includes enhanced smartphone connectivity and overall exceptional entertainment. Continue reading below to learn more about this excellent model! 

2020 BMW X5 Apple CarPlay® Explored 

Apple CarPlay® is an exceptional technology for any model on the road today, delivering a wide variety of excellent systems and features. These include connectivity and entertainment options for you to enjoy. Examples of some of what this great system can offer you include music streaming, navigation and mapping options, calling and messaging capabilities, and more! This means that you can enjoy amazing connectivity to the world outside your vehicle no matter what! 

This great technology is not all the 2020 BMW X5 will offer you, however! It’s a luxury model through and through, pushing out a ton of exceptional entertainment and infotainment options!  

2020 BMW X5 interior dash and wheel view
2020 BMW X5 interior seat view

2020 BMW X5 Interior Technologies 

The 2020 BMW X5 offers a ton of exceptional features and systems outside of just Apple CarPlay®. The model also delivers amazing interior entertainment and infotainment options for all to enjoy alongside the great connectivity feature! This includes the audio system of the 2020 BMW X5, a HiFi Sound System with 10 speakers, and a 205-watt digital amplifier. Working well with this system is an HD Radio™ with multicast FM station reception, pre-wiring for SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, and other benefits! 

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Overall, you get a ton of amazing entertainment and infotainment options inside the new 2020 BMW X5! So, if you’re searching for a model that keeps you connected no matter where you go, this is the one for you! Contact our dealership today in order to learn more about this model and all that it offers you! 

2020 BMW X2 parked on a path inside

What Safety Technologies are on the 2020 BMW X2?

2020 BMW X2 Safety Features and Systems 

The 2020 BMW X2 offers many excellent benefits, letting you go where the unconventional meets the unexpected without worry or alarm. This is largely due to its amazing safety systems, which provide a ton of security no matter where you find yourself on and off the road. What are some of these safety features, however? Continue reading below in order to find out! 

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2020 BMW X2 driving on the road

What Performance Systems are on the 2020 BMW X2?

2020 BMW X2 Engine Details and Performance Features 

The 2020 BMW X2 is an excellent vehicle that delivers a ton of capability and performance alongside the many luxuries expected by a BMW vehicle. These include excellent engines as well as great performance features, allowing you to tackle just about anything that you might find on and off the road. What are these engines and performance features? Continue reading below in order to find out! 

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3 Tips to Help You Disinfect Your Vehicle in Harlingen TX

3 Cleaning Tips for Vehicles in Harlingen TX 

With the current spread of the COVID-19 virus and the concern about proper cleaning and disinfection, our dealership decided that you should have a guide on how to keep your vehicle clean! To help you with this we’ve compiled a small list of three tips related to cleaning your vehicle’s interior in the best possible way. Continue reading to learn more! 

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2020 BMW 3 Series sedan driving the road

How to Connect Apple CarPlay to Your BMW

Connecting Your BMW and Apple CarPlay

Do you want amazing infotainment and entertainment with your new BMW model? Why not connect it with Apple CarPlay, one of the best and most iconic systems found on modern vehicles including the current BMW lineup. This feature allows you to access your compatible smartphone’s applications and systems and includes messaging, music streaming, navigation systems, and more. Continue reading to see how to connect this system to your vehicle!
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2020 BMW X3 parked on the road

What Entertainment Features are on the 2020 BMW X3?

2020 BMW X3 Entertainment Technologies

If you’re on the market for a vehicle that delivers that exceptional technologies, offering intuitive innovation and amazing connectivity, look no further than the 2020 BMW X3! This model delivers a ton of amazing features for you to enjoy, especially in terms of its technology and entertainment systems. Continue reading to learn more about this great model and what it offers!
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